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Mashang Consumer Finance Co., Ltd is a licensed financial institution by CBIRC (China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission). It officially opened in June, 2015, with a uniquely diverse and empowering shareholder structure that consists of SOEs such as CBEST and Bank of Chongqing, as well as civil entities like Wu-Mart, Sunshine Insurance Group and China Commodities City Group. It completed 3 rounds of expansion and financing in 2016, 2017 and 2018 in a line. The registered capital reaches 4 billion RMB.

MS has positioned itself as a tech-driven company since day 1. To fulfill that development strategy, MS has been proactively building its R&D capacity in big data, AI, cloud computing, block chain and many other cutting-edge areas. MS is dedicated to promoting financial inclusion, especially for the disadvantaged and the low-income people, by offering convenient high-quality services enabled by technological innovation. MS has a R&D team of 700 people and a big data team of 100 people. It independently set up more than 400 core systems, including accounting, risk, collection, ABS, underwriting systems as well as the its own calling center. By the end of this year, MS has successfully obtained more than 150 patents.

As a CBRC-licensed customer finance company, MS has reached a new level along the way of exponential growth driven by technologies and innovation in the past three years. It stands out with hundreds of scenarios online and offline plus more than 120,000 brick-and-mortar shops, forming a network covering 23 provinces and municipalities as well as 200 cities in China. Its self-developed facial recognition technology, AI customer service, intelligent collection and many other systems related to retail credit have penetrated the full cycle from customer gaining to fully automatic AI mechanism. MS has served more than 36 million customers. It has caught the attention of the industry both from home and abroad as a leading tech-driven customer finance institution in China.

We revere laws and regulations, and always bear compliance in mind.

We provide inclusive financial access to people while boosting the real economy.

We implement comprehensive capacity building strategy.


To be the most trusted CFC by our customers.


Make life easier with technologies.

Our Logo

MS logo presents a horse in a circle, companied by our Chinese name and website, in a calm, inclusive, peaceful and balanced blue color. The harmonious circle is a symbol of our well-coordinated business ecosystem. The horse, followed by a spinning streak, borrows its propitious meaning in Chinese culture to indicate “speedy success” we aim to provide to our clients.

Our Mascot

In Chinese culture, horse always relates to “fast”, “loyal”, “unremitting”, “diligent” as well as “ability”, “talent” and “achievements”. It fits our position as a consumer finance company and our corporate culture perfectly.

Fast – We serve your needs right away.

Loyal – We are dedicated to inclusive finance that benefits all, providing the best products and customer experience.

Unremitting – We conquer all the difficulties to pursue independent R & D to get ahead of other industries in the industry.

Diligent – We are hard-workers on the track of infinite improvements of the products.